About Granger

Who is this Granger band I keep hearing about?

Glad you asked.

We're a band from Joplin, Missouri comprised of Luke DeWitt, Torey Smart, and Hunter Vaughn. We got started in late 2017 when we released our first single, "Dear Sam". Kevin Gates (Reach Audio) produced the track, and when it dropped we knew it was just the beginning. Since then, we've released two more songs and a full-length LP in November 2018. We're currently in the studio working on a Summer release, and booking tour dates.

What's your name mean?

It's a funny story, really. All three of our middle names are Granger. Crazy, right?

Have I seen you somewhere before?

Quite possibly. All three of us used to be in a band called Of Course Not. We spent about two years touring across the US and writing the songs that would become Dear Sam. When we came home to record them with Kevin, we decided it was time for a fresh start and a new name.

What inspires you?

Musically, all three of us come from different backgrounds, which is reflected in our songs. We love rock, we love pop, we love musical theater, and we try not to box ourselves into a single genre when we write.


You're welcome.